3 December 2018

Your Guide To Using Dating Apps Over The Holidays

Believe it or not, December is one of the busiest times a year for dating and hookup apps worldwide ?.

Usage tends to creep up at the end of November and spike during Christmas and New Year’s as people look for a New Year’s date ?, make the most of opportunities while they’re home over the holidays and rebound from their autumn breakup ? (yes, that’s a thing!).

This means one thing: a wider pool of potential partners ?!

Not everyone is here for cuffing season ?⛓, although that depends whether you interpret it literally or not ?… The winter months are the perfect time to make the most of your high school crush ? being back in town for a few days, be a recent singleton’s shoulder to cry on or just find someone to get swept up in the party atmosphere with ?!

Tapdat is here to lend a hand ?. After all, you’ve only got a small window of opportunity here! Here’s our guide to using our app to find Mr or Mrs Claus ??.

Don’t waste time

Using dating apps over the holidays is no joke. It’s about making things happen ASAP ⏱, so don’t pussyfoot around or… no, we’re not even going to finish that sentence ?. If you’re looking for a holiday hookup, be really upfront about it. There’s no need to be frosty ⛄ about it, just let everyone know you haven’t got long and all you want for Christmas is to get down to business ?.


No one’s too cool for Christmas, so the whole bad boy ? and mysterious, unattainable girl thing doesn’t really fly in December ?. Ain’t nobody got time to be playing the long game this festive season. Get in the Christmas spirit with some cheesy chat-up lines ? or, if the holidays have got you in more of a cosying-up mood than a hit-it-and-quit-it one, take someone ice skating ⛸ or to a Christmas market or something equally as naff.

Don’t get caught up in drama

If you’ve come home for the holidays, then there’s definitely the opportunity for a no-strings round two with an old friend-with-benefits or to finally link up with that person you fancied at school, but be very careful whose bells you choose to jingle ?. Especially if your hometown is small, you risk treading on some toes and getting involved in something that definitely won’t bring you festive cheer ?.

Keep it PG at home

Home for the holidays? Yes, that’s right: HOME ?. If you’re used to having your very own bachelor or bachelorette pad, bear in mind that you’re operating under very different circumstances here. You might have to get creative with your hookup locations and find up with a coy way to say “I’m just popping out for a hookup” to your nan ? to avoid looking like a bit of a ho ho ho.

Download Tapdat!

Looking for something to keep you warm this winter ?? Download Tapdat today at cut straight to the chase, and still have time for sherry at home with the fam ?.



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