19 April 2021

Your first love should be yourself

This isn’t just some hippy drawl, or another quote of the beloved Ru Paul…

If you’re not showing yourself love first and really loving the skin you’re in, meeting love connections and forming fulfilling intimate relationships is going to be hard.

Not feeling the self-love? Fortunately just like anything, this is something you can work at and improve. And it all starts with a few small steps.


Stop the negative chatter

Self-love starts with how you speak to yourself. So it’s time to stop yourself every time you consider verbalising self-criticism. And we mean EVERY TIME. From ‘I feel fat’, to ‘my hair looks crap’. Whatever you were about to say – stop it. And the same goes from the loop of negativity in your head. If you feel yourself thinking mean, hurtful or critical things about yourself try counting down from 10 while taking a long deep breath in and out. Refresh, reset, and move on. Bad thoughts be gone.


No more comparisons

We get it, we’re in an image obsessed culture and ‘living for the ‘gram’ takes its toll. But the only thing you’re doing by comparing yourself to others is chipping away at your self-confidence. You’ve got one life, and one body. There’s no other version of you. You can’t be compared, and you shouldn’t be comparing.


Remove yourself from negative environments

This doesn’t have to be as drastic as it sounds. Often the key to increase your positive space is to limit the chances you have to question or compare yourself in your daily life. And the majority of that comes from what we access online. So get rid of every damn account on social media that doesn’t make you feel good – even if that means unfollowing or muting friends and family.


Bring your own hype

Wake up each day and say 3 nice things to yourself in the mirror. Seriously, we mean it. Give yourself the DJ Khaled style hype you need each and every morning. Do it while you’re showering, washing your face or as you dress. Just take the time to really build yourself up before you face the day.


So get putting self-love into practice – we don’t want to hear that you’re done until your biggest turn on is yourself!