5 November 2018

Welcome to Tapdat!

Tapdat is the cheeky new hookup app for iOS and Android

Welcome to Tapdat! We’ve just launched ?, so we’d like to introduce ourselves ?

There’s a big one that begins with T. There’s another one that begins with B.

We do know there are already apps out there that people are using to have casual sex.

But these apps are not dedicated to the cause. And they don’t encourage positivity and healthy communication in a way that we think benefits mankind.

Tapdat is the app that celebrates desire and passion. It’s complex. It’s messy. It’s human. It’s naughty.

But many people find it a bit tricky. We want to make meeting people simpler, for everyone. We want people to have more fun.

Is Tapdat for me?

Tapdat is currently for gay and straight users looking for casual sexual encounters.

Many of us think that casual sex is healthy and potentially fulfilling ?. But actually doing it just never becomes an option.

We think about people. Noticing. Imagining. It’s the next step that humanity struggles with.

Until mobile technology added another method of connection, desires only became real because of luck, brazen confidence (and how many of us have that?)… and more luck.

And maybe fate plays a role… who knows.

How anyone bumped uglies before phones were invented truly is a mystery.

The idea behind Tapdat is to help people acknowledge and act upon their desire. The feelings you have are natural. And there are people out there who fancy you too.

But importantly, we also want to encourage people to have fun together in a way that maximises enjoyment all round. Here’s some things we’ve been thinking about during the making of Tapdat.


Contraception is a marvellous invention. We can now enjoy human relations and not have to worry about having or having to look after an actual baby. We think this is bloody brilliant.

This is what Tapdat is all about. We’re in the modern age. We can do this for fun now!

We’re here to help.

What does fun feel like? When you look back and think, damnnnn that was hot. Thinking about it again makes you tingle. A night, or morning, or afternoon that you ponder on in quiet moments. An outfit, a look, a feeling that you think about when you should be working.

A healthy deposit for ????the wank bank.

And afterwards? No need for awkwardness. No being weird. Just go back to whatever you were doing before. Look forward to the next time.

However, no strings attached fun does come with some… strings?

Sort of but not quite strings – more like foundations.

Here’s some things we look for when we want to have fun.


Genitals are amusing. Things that look like genitals are also amusing ???????

Sex generally involves genitals, and is also therefore amusing. Being amused feels good.

We want laughter to be a bigger part of sex. It should be at its core. That’s why our approach is light-hearted. Laughing before, during and after.

Laugh together. Then have sex. Laugh again. Connect. This is what Tapdat is designed to help human beings do.


Up a bit. Down a bit. Left. Right. I don’t really like that, but I would like this.

That’s called a penis.??

That’s called a vagina. ? ?

Clear, adult communication makes everything so much easier. (But being silly is OK too.)

It keeps everything LUBRICATED. It reduces friction. It makes for a happier ending. ?

Tapdat is designed to help you communicate in a way that makes the whole thing less daunting.

Tell it like it is, say what you want, ask what they want. Then get down to business.


Don’t be a ??

Be good to each other. Be kind. Make each other feel good. Be aware of what’s happening in society right now.

Aubergines, think about the way you behave.

Peaches… be nice too.

Everyone just be nice. It’s that easy, really.


No protection, no connection. No ?, no ❤️.

Here’s information on sexual health from the NHS themselves.

As well as some good stuff on good sex in general.

Good sex contributes to good health. Good sex is good. Get out there and have good sex!


Tapdat—the cheeky new hookup app for iOS and Android

We’ve just launched ? ! Download for free on iOS and Android today!