24 May 2021

Top tips to brush up your profile

Damn you look good. (I mean, that one’s a given)

But is your bio showing you off in all your glory?

We find that users either think way too hard about how to showcase themselves, or give their bio no thought at all. There is another way… check our tips for cranking your bio to 100. The other TapDaters won’t know what’s hit them!

A photo’s worth a thousand words

Make sure you’re showing off your best features – so include at least one photo of your face and one of your body. Other TapDaters are more likely to favourite your profile if they can see you clearly. So make sure your photos are well lit and in focus. You can even really turn things up with a video clip, available with TapDat pro.

Write a bio

It seems like a simple one, but so many people skip this. And that’s a mistake. When someone views your profile, they’re checking out your personality as well as your photos. So give them something! Just one or two lines about you, what you like or things that matter to you is enough. It’s not an essay, just some personality highlights that let other TapDaters in on who you are.

Verify your profile

TapDat enables every user to verify their profile – and earn a badge to let other users know when they have. It’s quick and simple, and lets the community know you’re for real. It’s a seal of approval and reassures other TapDaters that you’re not a catfish.

Profiles with a bio, good photos and a verified badge will get more favourites and messages. So take 5 minutes to optimise your profile and reap the rewards.

Happy Tapping x