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The Marketplace

A dedicated space of pleasure-focused products and services for TapDaters to experience and enjoy. From bedroom kinks to self pleasure toys, there's something for everyone to enjoy on the TapDat marketplace.

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What is the marketplace?

Making sex sexier

From flavoured condoms to silky lubes, the TapDat marketplace is your go to destination aimed at maximising your pleasure with partners. We've curated a selection of the top products and services we think will help you between the sheets. Launching soon the marketplace will be free for everyone to view and enjoy.

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Products to pleasure you with

Unleash your wild side

If you're looking for something to scratch that ultimate kink or need some props for that bedroom desire, the TapDat Marketplace pulls together everything you need for maximum bedroom satisfaction.


Tried and tested

The marketplace only contains products TapDat has tried and tested. We list only products that we truly believe will give you the best time.


Store rewards

Many of our featured products include discount and voucher codes: giving you the best rate when making a purchase on a partners' site.


Judgement free

The TapDat marketplace is a judgement free zone: we've pulled together these products so you can unlock your wild side and fulfil your pleasure needs without shame or embarrassment.


Services too

We've also listed some key services to help with some of the other aspects to hookup dating including sexual health clincs and support charities.

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What next?

It’s time to play sexy

It's almost time to get down and dirty and explore the world of intimate pleasure. From products to help you last longer to things that will get you off in seconds: the TapDat marketplace is here to help you explore your kinks and interests.

Marketplace FAQs

Frequently asked questions

The TapDat marketplace is new and exciting and we're sure you have a lot of questions about it - so we've listed a few of the most common ones below.

  • What brands are on the marketplace?

    The TapDat marketplace contains a wide variety of items from multiple brands that offer products including sex toys; lube; contraception; lingerie and more. We also feature a number of charities and notable organisations who are there to support you on some of the other aspects of hookup culture including sexual health and dating advice.

    Our aim is to pull together a wide array of bedroom accessories and support services to help our users get the most out of sexual pleasure without the hassle of knowing where to look. We review every item that appears on the marketplace to ensure we only recommend the highest quality products and services to our users.

  • Who am I buying from?

    The marketplace is a list of products and services from multiple vendors. We provide links allowing you to quickly navigate to our partner vendor websites direct through the TapDat app. When you make a purchase, you are making it through our partner vendor's site - not TapDat. As a result all proceeds from that sale go to the vendor and aftercare is taken care by the vendor too (not TapDat). In some instances, TapDat may recieve a commision for the referal.

  • How do I list my brand?

    If you are a vendor of a product or service that you feel fits well within the TapDat marketplace then we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at and share with us details about your brand and how it could fit within the safe-sex community of TapDat.

  • How does the TapDat marketplace make money?

    The brands featured on the TapDat marketplace have been specifically selected by the TapDat team for your enjoyment. We offer brands a slot on the marketplace either as part of a partnership agreement or as part of a paid promtion. However all brands, products and services undergo quality checks as part of our guarantee to list only the best the industry has to offer. Drop us an email at to learn how we can list your product in just a few clicks.