19 April 2021

The sex positive Instagram accounts we can’t get enough of

When it’s smart and sexy, it’s hot. And these accounts are smouldering. We’re talking serious sex tips, positivity, sensuality and stimulation. There’s something in this list for everyone, so get following.

Girls Gotta Eat

Oh Ashley and Rayna, let us count the ways we love you. It’s sex, it’s sexuality, it’s comedy and hook-up honesty. And the guests… experts in their fields, fellow comedians, politicians, they’ve got it all. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is for everyone.

Check them out here.

Sex with Emily

She just wants you to have the best sex of your life! Emily’s got a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and she knows how to use it. Tips, tricks, mind-blowing facts. Everything we all need to know to get things hotter, happier and healthier in the bedroom.

Check out Emily’s feed here.

Megan Barton Hanson

Sexual content OG, MBH is candid, open and honest. She’s also a very big hit on OnlyFans. Check her insta for gorgeous images and insights into OF’s content and content production.

Check Megan’s account out here.

Hannah Witton

Sex-ed heavyweight, Hannah’s covering it all. From sex toys to personal experiences, sexual and reproductive health to hormones and sexuality. Her Instagram and very successful YouTube channel have it all.

Check Hannah’s account out here

Raquel Savage

Funny, open, honest and refreshing. Raquel’s feed is all things sex. As a certified Sex Therapist and Sex Coach, this is content to learn and live by. This is a serious resource for womxn, and a refreshing and insightful place to get better educated about sex.

Check out Raquel’s feed here.

Ev’Yan Whitney

Creator of the #sensualselfiechallenge, Ev’Yan’s changing the MF game when it comes to sexual liberation. Learn how to get in touch with your emotions and have the sex you’ve always wanted. And there’s one-to-one coaching and courses to help you develop further.

Check out Ev’Yan’s feed here.

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