19 April 2021

Stress can do one



If a global pandemic and never ending social isolation’s good for anything, it’s stress.

And all that stress won’t just lift the minute the doors open back up to our favourite bars, hotels and restaurants. If you’ve been feeling the weight of the last year, you’re not alone. The whole world’s in solidarity: a perpetual state of stress, worry and anxiety has touched us all.


But with freedom and community back on the menu (soon, we hope), are you working on managing and dealing with yours? Because at TapDat HQ we want you taking the world by storm. Completely unburdened by the stress hangover.


Give these TapDat approved stress busters a try:


Take those daily walks

Get outside. Get some sun. Get your shoes off and your toes in the grass. Take your stress outside and leave it there. Nature works wonders, and we all need it.


Smells set your mood

From incense sticks, essential oil diffusers, candles or room sprays – find a smell that melts away your bad mood and keep it on hand.


Podcasts full of wisdom

Get ‘Don’t take Bullsh*t from F*ckers’ in your ears. Get pumped, get angry, get really real and maybe take some great advice away.


Have a good scream

Into a pillow, into the wind, in the middle of a field. Take the opportunity to have a bloody good, endorphin releasing scream. It works.


Make your favourite childhood meal

It’s amazing how a plate of fish fingers, chips and peas instantly takes you back to being stress free.


Eat an orange in the bath

Or shower. Either work. Now this might sound insane… but hear us out. Take a lovely fresh and juicy orange into the shower with you, and enjoy eating it with your bare hands, dropping the peel into the shower tray. The scents are invigorating, it’s sensual, it feels naughty and gives you 10 minutes to connect with your senses. Plus, vitamin C.