5 August 2021

Safe sex makes sense

Safe sex encompasses a lot more than just using protection. Ethical and safe sex involves multiple steps that make each and every experience more enjoyable for everyone.


STI testing

Your body’s a temple, so treat it right. And that means getting regular STI/D tests regularly. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s just about the most important act of self-love you can practice.


Discuss protection

Safe sex is the sexiest sex. You need to discuss the methods of protection you’re going to use before each sexual encounter. So keep it light, but make sure you both know what methods you agree on before the fun starts.


Use barrier protection

Use condoms/barrier forms of protection for the most effective all round protection. Everything else may prevent against pregnancy, but only condoms and barrier protection protect you both from STI/Ds.


Use lube

No matter what you’re doing, lube can make it feel better and prevent bruising, ripping and tearing. And that’s all part of safe, satisfying sex.


Continual enthusiastic consent

We can’t say it enough – it’s all about enthusiastic consent. All the time. So keep being vocal, honest and respectful. And make sure your sexual partner is doing the same. Safe sex is consensual.


Being respectful

Before. During. After. Engaging in safe sex means honest, open communication and kind, respectful behaviour at every stage.