Our Favourite Festive Chat-Up Lines

10 December 2018

Christmas is no time to be proud when it comes to your online dating game 🙅‍♂️. For a myriad of reasons, the holiday period is the busiest time of year for dating and hookup apps, so it’s important to have a plan of action 📝 for making the most of this slightly broader pool of potential bedroom buddies 🛌.

Remember: you only have a limited timeframe ⏰ to make something happen. During festive season, the mystery men and women 🕴 take a backseat to the risk-takers and the very cheesiest among us 🧀. If you’re prone to trying too hard and borderline find the satisfaction of coming up with a great opening line more fulfilling than the ‘end goal’, then this is your season to shine like a star on top the tree, my friend ⭐.

While there’s nothing wrong with being as cool as Jack Frost ⛄ the other 11 months of the year, Tapdat is more than partial to a cheesy chat up line this Christmas. Here are 7 of our favourites.

“Let’s both be naughty this year and save Santa the trip”

Admittedly, it’s a classic. Who’s got time to test the waters at Christmas? When you’re on the clock, it’s worth diving right in there 🏊 with your intentions. Not everyone will appreciate your forthrightness, but you’ll at least weed out those who don’t have a sense of humour 🙄!

“What do you say we make this a Not-so-Silent Night?”

Again, you’re laying it out there with this one. That’s exactly what makes it perfect for a last-minute hookup on a dull night 😴; whether you’re sick of being stuck at home playing Scrabble with that relative you secretly loathe or you’re not having any luck on a night out full of, er… Christmas cheer 🍷.

“Are you looking for your last tree decoration? Because I’ve been told I’m a star on top”

Weirdly, this works well if you’re not feeling that brave 😨. It’s cheeky enough to play it off as a joke if they’re not immediately getting into your festive spirit. Plus, it’s a pretty effective gender-neutral pickup line—girls and gays (🔝 only, clearly…), get typing 💃!

“Call me Rudolph, because you just sleighed me”

Okay, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense 🤷‍♂️. But it’s cute, a compliment and therefore a great opener… of things 😉. Who needs logic? Hopefully your audience will be flattered enough to not even notice.

“I can tell you’re quite the elf-a male”

Ba dum tssss 🥁! Geddit? If whoever you send this doesn’t find this funny, it means they don’t appreciate a good pun and they’re frankly not worth your time. Only the punniest are welcome on your sleigh ride 🛷.

“I’d definitely let you join in my reindeer games.”

By pickup line standards this one is… kind of sweet? You old softie 😻. Everyone has their approach, and not everyone has the jingle balls to send something tongue-in-cheek 😜. One thing’s for certain: a compliment never hurt anyone’s chances of sealing the deal 🎁.

“Wanna Scrooge?”

Well, that’s straight to the point. And brilliant 👌. The only acceptable reply to this is “NICE”, to be honest.

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