27 December 2018

No Plans For New Year? Find Yourself A Date on Tapdat

While we all have an image in our heads of how we’d like New Year’s to go down ?, it doesn’t always quite work out that way. Trying to plan for the biggest knees-up of the year ? can get tricky and there are plenty of reasons why you might be short of plans as the party season looms.

Maybe you’re home for the holidays and all your friends have moved away ?, or they’re all coupled up and spending it at home ?‍❤️‍?‍?. Maybe you’ve even recently moved to a new city and don’t know anyone that well. Or, it could just be that you’re short of mates, which is fine too ?‍♂️. Happens to the best of us.

We don’t know about you, but all we see in these scenarios is a great big opportunity to do something wild and spontaneous ? on New Year’s Eve, perhaps with a total stranger ?. After all, we use dating and hookup apps all year round to alleviate our boredom and make the most of our freedom while we’ve still got it, so why would New Year’s be any different? Imagine what a story you’ll have to tell all those people who stayed at home with their other half ?.

Check out Tapdat’s guide to locking in the perfect last minute plans and getting that all-important New Year’s kiss (and maybe more!) ?.

Start your year off with a bang ?

When it comes to making New Year’s plans on a dating or hookup app, there are a few golden rules ? we’d always recommend people abide by.

Shout it from the rooftops ?: Or at least, from your bio. You’ve got no time to waste here, so make it abundantly clear that you’re looking for some festive fun on New Year’s. What’s the worst that could happen? The odd person might think you’re some weird loner ??, but to everyone else you’ll seem adventurous, fun-loving and just the kind of person to spend New Year’s Eve with ?.

Don’t be desperate ?: Even if you are. Okay, we know you’re working to a tight deadline here and we’ve already told you not to dawdle ⌚, but desperation is a sure-fire way to have a terrible time. It’s not only unattractive and will put people off, but you risk locking yourself into plans that you hate ?. Make sure you’re actually up for what’s on the agenda, because the only thing worse than spending New Year’s alone is spending it doing something rubbish ?.

Be smart ?

Meeting up with strangers from an app is always risky; that’s part of what makes it exciting ?. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions ⛔, especially on New Year’s Eve. Remember those weird loners we mentioned earlier? You might not be one of them, but some people are and they are definitely not the right people to start off the New Year with ?.

We’re sure you’re already familiar with some of the non-negotiable pre-hookup procedures you should follow to ensure your experience is all pleasure and no pain ?, but here’s a reminder just in case:

Ask for a photo: No, not a rude one ?! Well, do whatever you want… But get a serious one first. Getting ??’d isn’t just annoying, it could put you in danger. Make sure your party partner is who they say they are before you venture out.

Meet in public: Again, another customary precaution. If you’re heading to a house party ?, meet them on the street outside. This way, you can scope them out before you head indoors ? and change your mind if the vibe is really THAT bad.

Have an exit strategy: We can only reiterate: the only thing worse than spending New Year’s alone is going out and having a crappy time ?. If your date for the night turns out to be a total dud, give yourself an out and make sure you can get home.


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