19 April 2021

Lubricants to live by – Playing safe with the Ingredients

It’s better when it’s wetter..

We all know that no matter what you’re getting upto between the sheets, a good lick of lube makes the whole thing just that much better. From making sure it’s all natural and caring for your most intimate places, long lasting for all nighters (or day-ers…we recommend both), to ensuring that your lube takes care of your favourite sex toys while they take care of you, ensuring you have the right lube for your needs is essential to maximum pleasure. And we are all about achieving maximum pleasure!

And because we’re always doing the most for our TapDat members, we’re here to test, rate and recommend the very best lubes on the market. And this time we’re all about ingredients.

Ingredients matter

From protecting your PH, to ensuring only the most natural and sustainable ingredients touch your intimates, the contents of your lube bottle are important. No matter what your lube preference, we know that there’s a natural alternative to help you slide into pleasure and feel better about what you’re putting inside your body. The market is packed with some of the most incredible natural lubes.

Here’s our pick of the best ‘good for you’ lubricants:

100% Natural Organic Lube – Ann Summers

A big name in the sex industry, Ann Summers is always bringing us the big bangs. And they’ve hit the mark again with this 100% natural, organic lube. The light formula makes it silky smooth, and we can vouch for its longevity. And thanks to the water-based formula you can play around with toys safely. It contains no silicon, fragrance or preservatives. Instead, all the focus of development has been creating a perfectly natural pleasure enhancer.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel 

No matter where you’re putting anything, this lube is for you. Safe for vaginal, oral and anal sex, this natural lube guarantees a smooth silky experience. Packed with botanical extracts, Sliquid is an organic gel-based lubricant that stands the test of time. Its thicker consistency means that it will keep performing for as long as you can. And it’s perfect for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic and boasts organic credentials. Their range also includes organic flavoured lubes – perfect for oral.

Isabel Fay Natural Water Based Lubricant

Water based. Colourless and odourless. Does not stain. Check, check, check! This lube is brimming with natural benefits as well as promising exceptional results. Thanks to the natural ingredients it’s perfect for those of us with more sensitive skin. Oh, and it can be used safely with all your sex toys. And the packaging is so beautiful and discreet you could leave it on the dining table…

If you have any new and exciting lubricant products or recommendations, let us know. Our team are waiting and ready to put your recommendations and products to the test! 

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