19 April 2021

Lubricants to live by – Don’t wreck your toys

Let’s be honest, sex toys are key to reaching new levels of sexual exploration. Whether you’re enjoying your toys by yourself, or sharing the fun with others, taking care of your bedside table besties is key to a long and happy relationship.

It’s important that you treat them right. Almost all of your favourite toys are silicon-based and can’t be used with silicon-based lubes. So show your toys some love and get them premium water-based lubricants to enhance the pleasure. It’s a win-win.

Hanx vegan lubricant

Thanks to its vegan, paraben free, water-based formula, Hanx is the naturally scented intimate lubricant perfect for time with your favourite toys. Whether you’re playing alone or not, this lube is perfect for toy play as it won’t damage the silicon of your favourite vibrator or butt plug. Hanx wants you to enjoy long lasting smooth pleasure. Apply liberally for maximum satisfaction. And the beautiful and discreet bottle is perfect for travel fun.


Durex Naturals Intimate Gel Lube

Durex is synonymous with sex safe. And they’ve managed to hit it out of the park with this natural gel-based lubricant. Perfect for use with all your favourite sex toys, this natural approach to lube is scentless, PH friendly and contains probiotics to keep you and your toys in tip-top shape. So you can lay back and enjoy, all safe in the knowledge that you’re using a product that’s safe and gentle on you and your toys.


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