19 April 2021

Lubricants to live by – Bedside table candy

Nothing screams sexual liberation like a bottle of lube standing loud and proud on the bedside table. And we live in a world where specifically curated lubricants are now bottled in such beauty that they have even the shyest of us wanting to proudly display these beauties. Here’s our favourite designer bottles of lube – and be assured these beauties have been chosen for their performance as well as their style. We don’t compromise, nor should you.


Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

This is the ultimate in multifunctional, gorgeous luxury lube. Not only is the silicone-based wonder-product safe to use with condoms and free from a bunch of nasty ingredients, but this little beauty will also change your life outside of the bedroom. You can use Uberlube as a moisturiser, to bring out the colour in tattoos, as an anti-chafing product during sports activities and even as a de-frizzing hair product. The glass bottle beautiful to display and to hold, plus you can also do away with a multitude of other products and let Uberlube take pride of place on your dresser. And did we mention you can use it in water…


Lelo Personal Moisturizer 

Ever wondered what the Bugatti of personal lubricants would look like? Well wonder no more. The modern, artistic, design led aesthetic of the Lelo personal moisturizer bottle is so incredibly appealing, it’s a turn-on in itself. Whether you’re playing alone, exploring another, or enjoying a group adventure, this luxury lubricant is the hedonistic accessory of choice. The lubricant itself is as opulent as the bottle: offering silky, stain free, toy safe pleasure that lasts all night.


If you have any new and exciting lubricant products or recommendations, let us know. Our team are waiting and ready to put your recommendations and products to the test! 

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