20 March 2020

Lubes to live by – TapDat recommends

Lubricants to live by

It’s better when it’s wetter…

We all know that no matter what you’re getting upto between the sheets, a good lick of lube makes the whole thing just that much better. From making sure it’s all natural and caring for your most intimate places, long lasting for all nighters (or day-ers…we recommend both), to ensuring that your lube takes care of your favourite sex toys while they take care of you, ensuring you have the right lube for your needs is essential to maximum pleasure. And we are all about achieving maximum pleasure!

And because we’re always doing the most for our TapDat members, we’re here to test, rate and recommend the very best lubes on the market.

Ingredients matter

From protecting your PH, to ensuring only the most natural and sustainable ingredients touch your intimates, the contents of your lube bottle are important. No matter what your lube preference, we know that there’s a natural alternative to help you slide into pleasure and feel better about what you’re putting inside your body. The market is packed with some of the most incredible natural lubes.

Here’s our pick of the best ‘good for you’ lubricants:

100% Natural Organic Lube – Ann Summers

A big name in the sex industry, Ann Summers is always bringing us the big bangs. And they’ve hit the mark again with this 100% natural, organic lube. The light formula makes it silky smooth, and we can vouch for it’s longevity. And thanks to the water based formula you can play around with toys safely. It contains no silicon, fragrance or preservatives. Instead, all the focus of development has been creating a perfectly natural pleasure enhancer.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

No matter where you’re putting anything, this lube is for you. Safe for vaginal, oral and anal sex, this natural lube guarantees a smooth silky experience. Packed with botanical extracts, Sliquid is an organic gel based lubricant that stands the test of time. Its thicker consistency means that it will keep performing for as long as you can. Plus it’s perfect for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic and boasts organic credentials. Their range also includes organic flavoured lubes – perfect for oral.

Isabel Fay Natural Water Based Lubricant

Water based. Colour and odourless. Does not stain. Check, check, check! This lube is brimming with natural benefits as well as promising exceptional results. Thanks to the natural ingredients it’s perfect for those of us with more sensitive skin. Oh, and it can be used safely with all your sex toys. And the packaging is so beautiful and discreet you could leave it on the dining table…

Don’t wreck your toys

Let’s be honest, sex toys are key to reaching new levels of sexual exploration. Whether you’re enjoying your toys by yourself, or sharing the fun with others, taking care of your bedside table besties is key to a long and happy relationship. So it’s important that you take care of them. Almost all of your favourite toys are silicon based, and can’t be used with silicon based lubes. So show your toys some love and get them premium water based lubricants to enhance the pleasure. It’s a win-win.

Hanx vegan lubricant

Thanks to its vegan, paraben free, water based formula, Hanx is the naturally scented intimate lubricant perfect for time with your favourite toys. Whether you’re playing alone or not, this lube is perfect for toy play as it won’t damage the silicon of your favourite vibrator or butt plug. Hanx wants you to enjoy long lasting smooth pleasure. Apply liberally for maximum satisfaction. And the beautiful discreet bottle is perfect for travel fun.

Durex Naturals Intimate Gel Lube

Durex is synonymous with sex safe. And they’ve managed to hit it out of the park with this natural gel based lubricant. Perfect for use with all your favourite sex toys, this natural approach to lube is scentless, PH friendly and contains probiotics to keep you and your toys in tip-top shape. So you can lay back and enjoy, all safe in the knowledge that you’re using a product that’s safe and gentle on you and your toys.

Lubes that last

For hours of rolling pleasure, we all need a lubricant with stamina. Any great lover will know that keeping things slippery and silky makes every movement more intense and helps us all reach climax. So why are so many of us approaching pleasure without it? Here are our Olympic lubes – the satisfaction guaranteed enhancers that are here to keep us up all night, and day, and night again…

YES BUT – Water Based Anal Lubricant

Slippery butt-stuff is the only kind of butt-stuff. Whether you’re an anal newbie or an experienced pro, finding the very best lubricant to take anal play to the next level can be confusing. For our anal play adventurers, rest assured that YES BUT takes first place in battle of the best anal lubricants. Designed specifically for anal fun, YES BUT is the PH balanced, odourless, flavourless, long lasting anal lubricant that allows you to fully explore your pleasure. It’s water based (safe for toy play), organic and free from nasty ingredients – no-one cares more about your anal pleasure than YES BUT.

Woo More Play – Coconut Love Oil 

I know we keep saying it, but if you’re slathering it on you’re best bits (and you should be), it should be all natural. And Woo’s Coconut Love Oil is ticks all the boxes. And as well as being a heady mix of coconut oil, vanilla essence, beeswax and stevia (taste does matter), it doubles up as a moisturiser. The amazing taste of Woo More Play’s Coconut Love Oil makes licking, tasting and devouring your other – or others – even more delectable. And the silky oil texture lasts and lasts, all while leaving absolutely no staining.

Bedside table candy

Nothing screams sexual liberation like a bottle of lube standing loud and proud on the bedside table. And we live in a world where specifically curated lubricants are now bottled in such beauty that they have even the most shy of us wanting to proudly display these beauties. Here’s our favourite designer bottles of lube – and be assured these beauties have been chosen for their performance and style. We don’t compromise, nor should you!

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

This is the ultimate in multifunctional, gorgeous luxury lube. Not only is the silicone based wonder-product safe to use with condoms and free from a bunch of nasty ingredients, this little beauty will change your life outside of the bedroom. You can use Uberlube as a moisturiser, to bring out the colour in tattoos, as an anti-chafing product during sports activities and even as a de-frizzing hair product. Not only is the glass bottle beautiful to display and to hold, you can do away with a multitude of other products and let Uberlube take pride of place on your dresser. And did we mention you can use it in water…

Lelo Personal Moisturizer

Ever wondered what the Hermes of personal lubricants would look like? Well wonder no more. The modern, artistic, design led aesthetic of the Lelo personal moisturizer bottle is so incredibly appealing, it’s a turn-on in itself. Whether you’re playing alone, exploring another, or enjoying a group adventure, this luxury lubricant is the hedonistic accessory of choice. The lubricant itself is as opulent as the bottle: offering silky, stain free, toy safe pleasure that really lasts all night.


If you have any new and exciting lubricant products or recommendations, let us know. Our team are waiting and ready to put your recommendations and products to the test! 

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