5 August 2021

Liberate your labia

It’s time to fall in love with your labia.


Part of having an amazing sex life is getting really comfortable in your own skin. And that means really knowing and understanding your body. So many women don’t get to know their own body, or really fall in love with it. And if you aren’t loving your labia, how are you going to show her the pleasure she deserves?


Get to know your body

Do you know what all the parts of the vagina are – both internal and external? So many of us call the parts you can see the vagina, but that’s not accurate. The external parts we can see and touch are the vulva – you can see the labia minora and majora, the clitoral hood and the entrance to the vagina. You may also be able to see the urethra. Knowing the scientific names and location of each part, and their purpose, can really liberate how you see and know your body. And if you’re having sex with a woman, you need to know this stuff too.


Take a good look

It’s time to get up close and personal. Every vulva looks different – from colour, texture and shape. And they’re all wonderful. And if you have one, and haven’t taken a good look, it’s time too. Getting to know your body well is key to healthy body image and sexual pleasure. Our suggestion – get a mirror, sit down and take a good look.


Try self-pleasure

Whether you’re a masturbation master or a complete newbie, don’t forget to masturbate. Getting to know your own vulva through self-pleasure is a fantastic way to connect with your sexual energy and learn what feels great. Try using your hands, give toys a go, focus just on your clitoris or try self-penetration with fingers, a vibrator or dildo. Explore your body and learn to take control of your sexual joy.


Pubic grooming is a personal choice

When it comes to your pubic hair, there are NO rules. Only ever wax, shave or groom yours if it’s something YOU want. This is non-negotiable. It’s your body and your rules. And anyone who makes you feel otherwise doesn’t deserve to get anywhere near yours.