19 April 2021

Is it time to W**k yourself happy?

2021. You had one job….

Things are still rubbish. We’re facing months of restrictions, lockdowns and limited physical and social contact. And we know that these factors can put a real strain on our emotions and mental health.

But there’s one thing we can all be doing to pick ourselves up, improve our mood and show ourselves some love. This year, masturbation really is the ultimate act of self-care.


A serious stress reliever

Self-pleasure has so many benefits, but one of its greatest is that it’s one hell of a stress buster. Whether you set the mood and really romance yourself or enjoy a quickie in the shower, masturbation releases endorphins in the body that boost your mood and combat stress.


It helps you sleep

Let your hands take a little trip downstairs or grab your favourite toy. Solo sex is the perfect antidote to restless sleep and trouble nodding off. And better sleep makes for a better day tomorrow, and a happier healthier you.


Boost your immunity

Research has shown that masturbation could help to strengthen our immune system through the release of oxytocin. There’s even some evidence to show that men who masturbate to ejaculation benefit from boosts to their white blood cell count. It’s basically doctor recommended!


Get to know yourself better

Forget your usual new year’s self-improvement recommendations. Take this time to really get to know yourself in the most enjoyable way. Exploring your body through masturbation can give you amazing insight into what you do and don’t like. And you can do it whenever you want. Don’t forget to explore your whole-body during masturbation for truly eye-opening self-love experiences.


Physical touch is important

Now more than ever, it’s important to take time to appreciate physical touch. Humans are social creatures, and even the most introverted amongst us need some amount of human contact. During the long periods of social separation, masturbation and self-touch can help alleviate some of that deprivation.


Get the blood pumping

Ok so it’s not a marathon (for most of us), but masturbation gets the blood pumping. It’s a small energy release that will get your body going after days of sitting on the sofa. And you have our permission to count it as part of your daily exercise regime. It’s a treat from you to you, with an energy boost built in.