24 February 2022

How to pleasure yourself with toys and lubricants

Whether you’re new to masturbation and are inexperienced with using toys and lubes or well-acquainted with your nether regions and pleasure, this guide will break down the options. It’ll also help to ensure that you’re practising safe pleasuring.

An introduction to masturbation

Masturbation is the act of self-pleasure through stimulating your genitals. The end goal is to achieve orgasm. For females it can involve clitoral stimulation and/or penetration with or without toys and for males it can be achieved through rubbing up and down the shaft of the penis with or without toys and sometimes prostate stimulation too, through anal play.

Lubricants for masturbation

Lubricants (or lube for short) can help with self-pleasure as they provide a smooth and slightly slippery surface for you to work with. Lube is sometimes considered a treatment to fix sexual issues such as vaginal dryness but that’s not the case, you can add to your natural wetness and enhance your sensation with lube. Lubes are silicone, water or oil-based liquids used to add moisture and this added moisture reduces friction to help things glide smoothly for more comfort. Lube can be used for manual stimulation with your hands and/or for penetrative toys too. Just make sure you’re sticking to the following usage rules:

– Water-based lube: Safe for sex toys and masturbation.
– Silicone based lube: Better suited to vaginal and anal sex, plus manual stimulation. NOT suitable for toys made with real-feel or silicone materials.
– Oil-based lubes: Safe for sex toys and masturbation.

Make sure you stick to safe lubricants i.e., ones that are designed for sexual use. Products such as Vaseline and baby oil should not be used as they increase the chance of infection. This is because they’re harder to wash off completely and can hang around attracting bacteria.

Toys for masturbation

First things first, the world of sex toys is a big one and it can seem pretty daunting to begin with. Don’t worry, we’re going to break it down into easy chunks of information.


Vibrators (aka vibes) are perfect for clitoral stimulation – there are also bullets designed more specifically for the clitoris. They tend to have adjustable speeds and power settings for you to remain in full control.


Dildos are for penetrative play – vaginal and/or anal. They come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. Mostly penis-shaped though. Some even have a veiny texture for a realistic feel and extra stimulation. Be sure to lube up first to ease them in gently.

Some dildos come with suction cups for hands-free use on a wall or on the floor. There are also double penetrators, strap-ons, and double-ended dildos.

Rampant Rabbit

The Rampant Rabbit combines a vibrating dildo with vibrating bunny-ears. It offers both deep penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time for more chance of a mind-blowing orgasm. These also come in different shapes and sizes with textured finishes for extra pleasure.

Cock rings

Designed for penises, these are great for masturbation as well as couples having sex. They can help enhance your erection and keep you harder for longer. They vibrate too which stimulates the clit at the same time.

Anal toys

Anal beads and butt plugs can be used for solo play and can stimulate the prostate in males and the G-spot in females.

Male masturbators

Vaginal and anal skin-like sleeves with vibrating options give pleasure to penises – again, it’s best to lube up first. The wetter the better.

Be sure to wash your toys after every use – just follow the instructions provided. We hope you enjoyed reading up on the wonders of lubes and self-pleasure. Stay safe and have fun.