Five Ways Tapdat Is Not Like Grindr

17 December 2018

If we’re living in a world full of dating apps and opportunities to connect with new people 🙋‍♂️, we really owe it all to Grindr. The world’s first and largest ‘social networking’ (if you know what we mean 😉) platform for gay and bisexual men was launched in 2009 and has since ushered in a whole era of apps designed to help people hook up, and fast ⏰!

In fact, when it comes to casual sex, Grindr still pretty much dominates 👀 over any of its competitors. Sure, Tinder and Bumble have since popped up 🍌, but these are to some extent marketed at lonely singles looking for a relationship 😞. Grindr is about thriving, single guys 🕺—or those in open relationships—who are looking to enjoy their bodies and freedom!

Tapdat thinks the world needs more of this 😍. It’s 2018 after all, why shouldn’t people shamelessly enjoy a casual hookup every now and again? Here are 5 ways that Tapdat is different from Grindr.

1.We cater to everybody 💑

This is easily the most obvious difference. Grindr is still king 👑 for men who like men 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 and likely will remain so, but we think that ladies and heterosexual guys could use an app that delivers this same sex-positive ethos 💃! Of course, we welcome people of any sexuality or gender and think our platform can offer gay men everything Grindr can and more. We just think other people could particularly use a hand enjoying their sexuality as much as Grindr users do 👌!

2. Icons-based 👩

Grindr popularised the idea of making your sexual preferences clear from the get-go in your profile 😛, admittedly out of necessity on occasion—imagine the awkwardness of showing up to a booty call 🍑 only to find out that you’re both 🔝. We decided to make this an integral part of our app, giving users the chance to select what they’re into between the sheets 🛌 when they sign up so there are no nasty surprises 😬!

3. All bodies welcome 👙

Although Grindr is the daddy 🧔 (pun heavily intended) of all hookup apps, it’s attracted a pretty bad reputation for its highly image-conscious culture 💄, making users who don’t fit a particular idealised body type feel insecure and unwelcome ✋. Tapdat aims to be the hookup app for everyone 👫. Whether you’ve never had a casual encounter before or you’re considered a bit of a lothario 😎, you’ll be able to find someone to enjoy yourself with. People of every gender, shape and size should be able to shamelessly get their needs fulfilled!

4. Safety first! 📋

Arguably Grindr’s biggest controversy happened in April 2018, when it was discovered that the company had been sharing its users information—including their HIV status and location—with third parties 😮. This was akin to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, but on a much more personal level. Many gay men felt they had been betrayed 🤬 by one of the community’s most widely-used platforms 🏳️‍🌈. While we’re all about breaking the stigma of casual sex, the right to privacy 🙅‍♂️ is fundamental to Tapdat’s ethos .

5. Culture of respect 🤝

Another of Grindr’s downsides is its users tendency to include an aversion to certain groups. The platform only recently banned the phrase “No fats, no fems, no Asians”, for example 😲. As we’ve mentioned, not everyone who wants to use hookup apps has had a casual encounter before. Your first time can be intimidating, even scary 😵. That’s why it’s really important to cultivate a culture where users feels safe and respected, so they can focus on enjoying themselves 👍!


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