App icons and interests

Tapdat is designed to bring together people with the same turn-ons.

In the same place. Perhaps under the same sheets. Perhaps in the kitchen. Perhaps in the great outdoors.

Here are the interests you can currently add to your profile.

Don’t see what it is that gets you going?

Don’t worry – we’ll be adding more in future, and if you get talking to someone don’t be afraid to tell them what it is you’d really like to do!

Friends with benefits

The dream. This person is looking to make it a reality. Could you give them a hand?

No strings attached

This user is looking for something they don’t have to worry about the next day. Don’t think, just do!

Something discrete

For those wanting something discrete or under the radar.

Simple screw

Screws are great. They go in and out, and can stay in without being tied down!


Let’s face it (or not, as the case may be)—who doesn’t like it doggy style?

Flick the...

For those that need you to find the little man in the canoe. Not to be mistaken with coffee beans.

Meal for two

Top and tail, top and bottom, 69, whatever you call it—this one is for those that think sharing is caring.

Tommy tank

Choo choo… does rhyming slang do it for you too?

A big one

For some users, size does matter. A big banana is more likely to fill you up. And you get a nice potassium boost too.

Two fingers

This user is looking for someone with nimble fingers. Fancy showing off your skills?

Lollipop lick'in

Apply your tongue to something tasty. Why not tell your match what part of you that might be?

Muffin munchin'

Muffins are delicious, and come in so many shapes and sizes. Why would you not want to eat one?


Sometimes, we’d just like a good snog. And often, snogging leads to some of the other interests available from our list.


Good old-fashioned wining and dining. Courting. There’s no need to always be naughty.

Cuddle and squeeze

Sometimes, we just need a cuddle. And often, cuddling leads to some of the other interests available from our list.

Partner sharing

We keep saying it but it’s true: sharing is caring. This person is looking for some mutually assured satisfaction. Why not give it a try?

Watching people

This person needs to connect with someone who likes to be seen, because they like to watch. If you like the idea of being on display, it’ll be the perfect pairing.

Dress up

For those that like a bit of theatrical performance in the bedroom. Alert the costumes department as to what you’ll need before you meet.

Water sports

For those who enjoy getting wet in more ways than one…

Bedroom toys

This user likes an inanimate third party in the bedroom. Why not ask them which ones they like?


It’s not just Quentin Tarantino. Plenty of people have a real thing for feet.

Chains and whips

For those that like to know who’s in charge, and have the tools to make it clear.

Some other...

Something not on this list, or a bit harder to communicate? Talk with your matches and see if they’d be interested in trying it out.