19 April 2021

Dirty talk – tips, tricks and getting to grips

Can’t leave your house. Can’t go on dates. Can’t get physical. Lockdown is getting to us all. But there’s some sexy silver linings to this period of solo entertainment…

Whether you’re meeting new people on the apps, texting with old flames or keeping a pre-lockdown fling going, nothing works quite like dirty talk for keeping things spicy. And the knowledge and confidence you gain from dirty talk translates to more communicative sex. HOT HOT HOT.

So whether you’re a slick talking sexpert or a beginner to it all, here are our 5 tips and tricks to improving your skills.

1 – Inch by inch

Like most things, rushing in and surprising your sexual partner isn’t necessarily going to get the best reaction. So start small. Simple questions like ‘how does that feel’ or ‘what are you wearing’ during sexting or during a call can really spice things up.

2 – Ask AND tell

Asking your sexual partner what they like is a great way to get things going, and it gets you both exploring their sexual preferences and desires. Asking gently probing questions like ‘would you like me to…’ is a great way for you to both safely explore desires. But it’s key to also share yours. Tell them what you like, what you’d like to try, and describe what feels good to you. Remember to read the room – if your partner’s not feeling it, move on! Create a healthy back and forth to build excitement, closeness and explore your wants and needs.

3 – Explore, adapt, overcum!

We don’t all like or want the same things, and that’s true of dirty talk. While some of us might want to hear detailed descriptions of our partners desires, others enjoy complimentary dirty talk, others are into being degraded. There’s a big beautiful sexy talking buffet out there, and it’s up to you and your partner(s) to find what you want to enjoy. If your dirty talk partner says they don’t like something, don’t focus on it. Accept it, and move on. Not everything is for everyone.

4 – Compliment your partner

Now this might seem like an obvious one, but it’s amazing how often we can overlook this when we’re in the moment. Whether it’s a naughty picture you weren’t expecting, some great phone sex or a dirty text exchange, making the other person feel good matters just as much as during physical intimacy. From telling them how much you’re enjoying what you’re sharing, to compliments about them, sexy talk is greatly enhanced when everyone feels sexually valued.

5 – A picture speaks 1000 words

If you’re still feeling a little unsure about how to get things started, and you feel comfortable, a sexy picture can be a great way to get things started. This does not have to be a picture of you, or a picture of you unclothed. Only send those kinds of pictures to people you have full trust in and when you feel 100% comfortable to do so. Try searching for erotic black and white photos or screen shot a favourite porn scene (or send them the link). By sharing part of your sexual fantasies with the other person, and perhaps surprising them with something so hot, the questions and sexy conversation are sure to flow!

Got any tips and tricks of your own? Or maybe you’ve tried out our tips? Drop us an Instagram DM to let us know your dirty talk tricks!