16 December 2021

Dating chat with the experts

There’s nothing like getting a bit of love from someone you admire. And we got just that when the wonderful team over at DatingAdvice.com gave us a lovely write up.

Back in September the teams sat down to talk (online video style, of course) and we had the opportunity to discuss why we created the app, who it’s for, and what we think we’re bringing to the dating app market. We got to talk about our passion for creating a safe and honest community, where hook-up culture is celebrated for its transparency. And where everyone feels safe and valued. It was wonderful to discuss all the new features we’ve loaded into the app this year, and the exciting things we have coming up. And why we’re committed to keeping our free version packed full of safety features and functionality, and our premium subscription at one of the lowest price points in the dating market.

And it felt great.

If you don’t already know, DatingAdvice.com is a US based web platform that talks all things love, sex and dating. They’re experts in the apps and offline dating. And they do the hard work discovering new platforms, then rate and review them so you can easily find a platform that works for you. They have a website packed with dating advice, with specialised areas for women, men, gay and lesbian dating, online dating, and senior dating. They’re the online dating library you need if you’re putting your energy into making connections.

With guides, tips and tricks, editorials on apps they love, and guidance from industry and dating experts, there’s nothing they don’t know about love and connection building. They discuss the apps, which they recommend and whether the paid upgrades are worth the money. They even have a directory of dating experts, with contact details and specialisms if you’re looking to hone your relationship skills with the help of a professional. It really is the one stop shop for dating resources and reviews.

We loved sitting down with them and discussing our rebrand, our growth in 2021, and our goals for the future. So if you want to learn more about the team behind TapDat and what the dating experts thought of the app, check out the full article here:https://www.datingadvice.com/online-dating/tapdat-is-a-sex-positive-hookup-site