19 April 2021

Dates on the small screen – why video dating is in this year

When will I see you again?!

We get it, dating and hookups have felt government-banned the last 12 months. Whether it’s been app only chat, socially distanced catch ups in the park, or the rare outdoor beer, dating and sex has been hit hard.

But all’s not lost. Now’s the perfect time to meet new potential dates and hookups from the comfort of your home!

And we’re not talking endless back and forth in messenger. It’s time to take sexy back and get dressed up to facetime.

So much about sexual attraction can only be discovered by spending time with someone. And while we can’t get down and dirty in person, we can get to know people over video. Learn how they move, talk, and start to get to know each other. And – let’s face it – save time! A few facetimes now can save weeks of trying to meet up (and bad first meets) later.

It’s time to make the first move and get straight to video-chat.


Organise a time

Pick a time when you’re alone and can give the other person your full attention and with no distractions. Just like a date, setting a time that works for both of you and an intention to spend some time together matters.

Get comfy

This isn’t an interview. After months of Zoom calls, video calling a stranger can feel all business. So get comfy. Settle on the sofa, or on your bed (or in the bath, we aren’t judging) and relax. This is a date, but you can leave whenever you want and you have all your own snacks!

Set the mood

You’re not going out, so you may as well take 10 minutes to set the tone. Pop some music on, change the lighting, light a candle and spritz yourself with perfume or aftershave. Whatever the outcome of the video call, these little touches will make your evening feel a little more special and it’s a nice treat from you to you.

Feel your best

Dress up. Dress down. Wear the same joggers you’ve been snuggling in since September. Whatever makes you feel comfortable but attractive. It’s not a traditional date, but it’s always nice to put your best foot (or face) forward!

If you’re not feeling it, end the call

This is the most low-pressure date you’ll probably ever have. And you can and should take full control if you’re just not feeling it. Tell your video date that you need to go if you don’t feel confident telling them how you feel face to digital-face, or just say ‘I’ve enjoyed our chat, but I don’t see us as a match’ and get back to whatever you’re binging on Netflix. No harm, no foul. Don’t waste your time. But also remember, everyone takes a little time to warm up. And if you do make an excuse, follow up with an honest text after.