5 August 2021

Body confidence for bedroom dominance

If you’re getting down to it, you best be coming correct. And we mean full of self-love and feeling yourself.


Body confidence is key to not just enjoying sex more, but really being present in the moment. Which should make your experience even better. When you’re not focussed on your body image, you can tap into every sensation and really let yourself enjoy.


So if you’re ready for even better sex and boosted confidence, try our tips:


Never stop blocking

If something or someone makes you feel badly about your body or compare yourself, block. Get rid of the influences and people that make you feel less than. You don’t need that. No-one does. Embrace the power of blocking and make your own safe body-positive space.


Give yourself compliments

Make sure you’re giving yourself compliments, often. The way you talk to yourself matters, so pump yourself up with positivity. We like to start each day with three compliments about our body – try it while you brush your teeth.


Spend time naked

Walk around your room, dance in the shower, sleep in the buff. Whatever your preference, spend a little more time in the nude. It helps us to connect with our body and get comfortable in it. Even better – spend a little time looking at yourself in the mirror and bathe in all your wonderful glory.