Your Guide To Using Dating Apps Over The Holidays

3 December 2018

Believe it or not, December is one of the busiest times a year for dating and hookup apps worldwide 🌍. Usage tends to creep up at the end of November and spike during Christmas and New Year’s as people look for a New Year’s date 🍾, make the most of opportunities while they’re home over […]

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Five Ways Tapdat Is Not Like Bumble

18 November 2018

Bumble 🐝 came on the scene a few years ago as a more feminist alternative to its predecessor, good old Tinder. If you’re unfamiliar with the general concept behind Bumble, let us take you through the motions. Once two people of the opposite sex match 💑 on the app, the lady half of said match […]

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Five Ways Tapdat is not like Tinder

16 November 2018

Just over five years ago, a little app was launched. You may have heard of it. Begins with T and rhymes with hinder? 🤔 You may be thinking “wow, only five years, crazy how much things have changed!”. To some extent, you’d be right. Tinder brought on the dating app revolution 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨, changing the way […]

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Our Guide to Conducting a Casual Hookup that Makes Everyone Happy

14 November 2018

Casual sex. Pretty much everyone has thought about it 🤔, but not many people go through with it. While shyness or lack of opportunity might stand most firmly in the way of you scratching that itch (if the problem persists, please consult your GP 👩‍⚕️), further social obstacles can present themselves once you’ve broken through […]

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Are People Bored of Apps Like Tinder?

12 November 2018

Okay, Tinder is admittedly the most widely used and well-known dating app on the face of the planet and has spawned endless copycats. How many popular dating and hookup platforms use the whole swipe-right, swipe-left thing? ➡️⬅️ But Tinder and its offspring   👩‍👦‍👦   have been around for over five years now and some people will […]

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