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The Honest Hook-Up App

This is the sex positive community where openness and honesty pay off. Talk to others like you who know what they want.

With dedicated apps for the UK and the US, it’s never been easier to meet new hook-ups. If you’re looking for something spontaneous, TapDat is the straightforward hook-up app for iOS and Android.

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Who is TapDat for?

Open-minded people

If you’re an open-minded person looking to create short term casual encounters, TapDat is for you. We’re creating a community of liberated individuals looking to have mutually satisfying hook-ups based on openness and transparency. If you know what you want, we’re here to help you find it.

How does the app work?

Kiss goodbye to traditional dating

We’ve put your needs first, making the app easy to use. We let you simply and quickly set out what your likes and wants are and choose who you’re looking for. TapDat empowers users to find casual hook-ups in an exciting and honest way.

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It's easy, quick and free

How do you get started?

  • Download the app from the app store
  • Register an account with your email or mobile number
  • Upload at least one profile photo (remember to smile)
  • Set your orientation and location preferences
  • Swipe and enjoy chatting with like-minded individuals
  • Share messages, send audio clips and like each others replies
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What next?

It’s time to start meeting new people

Swipe through matching profiles and hit like if someone piques your interest. Our free membership includes 30 profiles for you to like (or not!) every day. If you both like each other’s profile, you can start a chat. TapDat is about spontaneous fun for likeminded adults.

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A safe space to have fun

A safe environment

TapDat promotes a positive and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Express yourself without the worry of what others might think.

Upgrade your experience

We have a very generous package…

But if you want a little more than the 30 free profiles our free membership gives you every day, you can upgrade your subscription.

  • What you get
  • See who's like your profile everyday
  • Get your swipe history
  • Get unlimited daily profiles
  • Increase your chat window, giving you moretime to initiate
  • Our membership is free. These are just added bonuses for the committed adventurer. Download the app today and start exploring in your area
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Hookup in confidence

Safety focused

TapDat is the safety focused casual dating hookup app. Our app is designed from the ground up to facilitate a safe environment for all to enjoy.

Feature: verified dating profiles

Verified profiles

Users can verify their profiles giving you confidence that their imagery is more likely to be genuine.

Feature: message filters

Message filters

You control what types of messages someone can send you: giving you control over what you can and dont want to see.

Feature: safe sex guide

Safe sex guide

From what to do IRL to how to pleasure your hookup date: our safe sex blog is there to guide you each step of the way

Feature: user reporting and blocking

Block with confidence

Feel like another user has violated our terms of use? By reporting their account our intelligent algorithms will detect bad players and remove their access for everyones benefit.


Frequently asked questions

Dating is hard enough: so we've made hooking up easy. Our support team is ready to assist you however to speed things up, we've listed out some of the frequently asked questions below.

  • Is TapDat free?

    TapDat is free for all to enjoy. As part of the free-plan you'll get access to most of TapDat's features however subscribe to a membership to unlock everything.

  • Is TapDat a dating app?

    TapDat is a casual dating and hookup app. We're here to help match individuals who want something short and fun with no long term commitments.